May 18, 2018

Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic time at the State House this week. Students received photographs and a DVD of our mock session with Speaker Mattiello. Students argued two issues; one about putting seatbelts on school buses and the other about eliminating February vacation and going one week less in June. Speaker Mattiello was very impressed with how articulate our students were. The students passed the bill about February vacation, but did not pass the seatbelt bill.

In reading, we worked on expository text as well as summarizing and sequencing. In grammar, we continued to practice comparative and superlative adjectives. In writing, we worked on rough drafts for the opinion pieces on seasons.

In math, we finally completed the module on fractions. We will begin the module on decimals next week. In science, we discussed weathering and erosion and how these processes change the land.

Students have been working very diligently on their in-school state projects. They should be completed by next week. Today, they were assigned the at-home project about the state they have researched. Students will need to design a game board about their state using a file folder. They have been given a checklist and rubric with the expectations of the project. I have reviewed both in class and will help them in school as much as possible. They were each given a file folder. The game board can be no larger than the file folder. They will be responsible for taking their notes on their states back and forth to school as they will still need them to complete the in-school project.

If you have not done so already, please sign and return the permission slip for the field trip on May 25th.

Have a great weekend!

Karen Friedmann