October 6, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy October! Students did a great job this week reading expository text. We read articles about earthquakes and tornadoes. We worked on multiple meaning words, compare and contrast and identifying text features of expository text. In grammar, we practiced compound sentences. In writing, they started organizing details and events for their personal narratives. They will be writing a friendly letter about a summer event.

In math, we worked on subtraction with multi-digit numbers. We continue to work on multi-step word problems using tape diagrams and assessing reasonableness of answers using estimation. Highlighting important information and key words has been modeled and practiced. Students will be taking the end of module assessment on Friday, October 13th.

In science, we watched and discussed several short videos on energy transfer in collision. In social studies, we practiced reading transportation maps.

Permission slips for our trip to Slater Mill on November 21st were distributed. If you have not done so already, please return the permission slip and money by Friday, October 13th. Chaperones will be notified at that time. Remember you must have an updated BCI check to chaperone.

The class has been working very hard on self-control and transition time. Wednesday was a particularly difficult day but they definitely redeemed themselves by the end of the week. They are very excited to be filling the marble jar.
Enjoy the long weekend!

Karen Friedmann