January 12, 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! We have finally gotten back into our routine after our vacation and snow days. We completed the second week of unit 3 in our Wonders Reading book. The focus was on realistic fiction, point of view and context clues. We also spent time this week writing constructed responses in which the students needed to cite evidence from text to support their answers. In grammar, we practiced verb tenses and subject/verb agreement. In writing, students are completing rough drafts of the national park essays and will be typing final copies soon.

In math, we have been working very hard on long division and problem-solving. We also started working on two-digit by two-digit multiplication. In science, we conducted an investigation on bird beaks and how the shape of it helps the bird to survive. In social studies, we discussed the economy and how the states are interdependent.

Binders will finally be going home this week after the long break. Please do not worry if your child has more than usual number of papers to be signed. I have either reviewed the paper with your child individually, in small group or as a whole class.

Enjoy the long weekend! Go Pats!

Karen Friedmann